Etsy Small Business

It is the end of October and Marigold Bazaar is about to hit 100 sales on Etsy! Etsy is a gift for artists everywhere. When I'm not working on my Etsy page I am browsing for gorgeous handmade clothes, art and home goods. 
For Marigold Bazaar, it has also been interesting to see what buyers like. This orange and blue print is almost sold out on Etsy (but it is still available on Amazon). As I muddle my way through my first year with this business I know for sure that Etsy is going to be part of this business. It is an easy platform to navigate and work with even for someone like me who isn't very techie. I mean, I still mail letters and some bills with stamps. 
The most exciting part of having Marigold Bazaar on Etsy has been that sales have allowed me to bring in a few new items. I will be sharing that soon (they're being made now!) just in time for the Holiday shopping season. 
- Suchi

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