Growing and taking the Win

Cotton Spring

I started this business on Etsy. This time, last year, I had sold 8 sets of napkins. Today I passed 206 sales on Etsy (or 61 sets so far this year). Someone asked me 'what did I do to congratulate myself?' and truthfully I did nothing.
Why are we are so hard on ourselves and we forget to 'take the win'? This little business is doing some good things. So I am working on trying to take those wins by taking a moment to step back and look at the big picture. Or, reward myself with ice-cream sundae. It wouldn't be the first time. ; ) 

You may have noticed that the website is growing and changing. I have been working on the site. This is where you will see ALL the items, hear news and get discounts. And there is some news Handbags are on the way. And new napkins are in the design phase with a great artist I met when I was in India. 

The Blooming Delights Napkins (below) are ideal for Spring. I like to think of customers using them as we all start to eat outside. I like to think of them being wrapped for housewarming or shower gifts. They just burst with color and life. 

I hope you are doing well, savoring the Spring and taking the wins as they come. 


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