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It's mid January in New England which means snow and cold. But I have lived here for 45 years and know the flow; we hibernate a bit now and plan for the spring.
The last 3 months of 2021 were really amazing for this business. We reached 140 sales on Etsy, more on Amazon and sold at a few craft fairs. The craft fairs are always tons of work but a great opportunity to meet customers and understand what people like.
Being close to my customers is important. For that reason, I've pulled everything from Amazon. I really enjoy packing up your items. 
In a few weeks I am moving the business to a small office. Here I will be able to set up all the inventory, fulfill orders and shoot videos. As soon as the space is set up I will share pictures. 
But the big hope (fingers crossed) is that we will finally be able to travel to India to meet our suppliers. This trip has been delayed 3 times...March 2020, Nov. 2020, Dec. 2021.....February 2022. Thanks COVID. 
And what's new? Travel cases for your upcoming travels. (see picture below) They make cute gifts you can fill with personalized treats too. We will be offering them in more colors this Spring. 
Stay warm. Stay HEALTHY! And in the dark days of winter remember that we have all been through so much. Extend a little extra patience and kindness the next time you are in the store or when you're driving. Even at home. Take care of you too.

Lotus Print Travel Case

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