November 2022

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It's the day after Thanksgiving and here is a picture of our table setting with friends. The food was amazing. The company ideal. All in all, a nice holiday to give thanks and slow down. And here we are, late November and staring down the calendar at the last few weeks of 2022.
I am kind of blown away by how time is rolling along. Each week is a routine of work, kids, dog, groceries, cooking and laundry. The calendar is my To Do list and I move through it, checking off what I've done and rolling over to next week what didn't get done. It's not robotic but it's continuous. Sprinkled in between are moments of joy. A good dinner. A great sunset. A really bad joke. And now, Fall gives way to Winter and Christmas. 

I'll be honest, Black Friday is kinda nuts. Like, social media overload, flashing lights, urgent, heart racing, nuts. I know, as an E-Commerce owner, this is supposed to be my moment. And it is. I want to share a good deal with you and help you get ahead on your Holiday Shopping. I offered the biggest sale of the year of 40% off everything site wide for 3 days. The response was great. A few things sold out. It is nice to imagine these items being opened as gifts. I hope your friends and family like them. But no need to make yourself exhausted. Have some leftover pie, climb into bed a little early or sit a little longer with friends from out of town. Don't let this time slip away. Pay attention to what is important and embrace those moments whatever they may be. For me it's the twinkly lights on the house and holding my favorite mug filled with coffee. It's hugging someone I haven't seen in a while. 
I will leave you with this quote I have found helpful in this age of overload. 
'In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention'. - Pico Iyer.

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