Kimono Cover - Lemon
Kimono Cover - Lemon
Kimono Cover - Lemon
Kimono Cover - Lemon

Kimono Cover - Lemon

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Lightweight and flowy, this Kimono style cover features a fun print of lemons and citrus fruits.

Made of 100% Georgette fabric this top offers sheer coverage. Pairs well with a tank top. 

NOTE: This is was one of the first designs in my personal collection: SMK Designs. I created it because I wanted something colorful to wear over basics. I also wanted something that didn't cause me to overheat. I often find myself tearing off layers. This seems to be just right. 

The front features an angled cut which offers coverage or tie it for a fitted look.
Generous bell shape sleeves for easy movement. Machine washable.

Size options:
Medium = 14
Large = 16
XL = 18+